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New season starts Jan 16th!

Winter/Spring 2023 courses start on week 3 (16th of January). Check out season info here!

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All you need to know
How to Choose Shoes for Swing Dancing

Everything you need to know when choosing shoes for swing dancing. Will old sneakers do? Leather vs rubbers soles, high heels or not? Answers to these and ma...

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With pros, cons, prices and addresses
Indoor Places to Practice Swing Dancing in Helsinki

List of Indoor Places to Practice Swing Dancing in Helsinki: Tested by BPS Community

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From 1900s to today
A (Not-So) Brief History of Swing Dance

Let's take a look on history of swing dancing! Starting from the birth, throught the revival, all the way to the present day.

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Autumn season starts!

Autumn courses start on week 34 (22nd of August). Check out the class schedule and register for courses!

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New to (swing) dancing?
Start swing dancing with these courses!

We have beginners courses every day from Monday to Friday. Starting is easy!

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