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Black Pepper Swing was founded in 2017 and the very first courses started during that autumn simultaneously in Helsinki, Tampere, and Jyväskylä. It was a wild start for a new dance school founded by two very young but passionate swing dancers. Since then we have focused more on our current hometown (Helsinki), the scene here has grown bigger, and we have gained thousands of kilometers worth of experience. (Read our full story here…)

Now we need your help!

We want to share the hands-on experience of this incredible ride with more people. We have a great team of teachers (12 teachers this spring!) but only two of us are doing the day-to-day work behind the scenes (of which only one is full-time). It’s now time to invite new people in writing the next 5 years of Black Pepper Swing!

So, yes - we are hiring!

Check out the open positions and details below.

Open positions

  1. Core team member
    Entrepreneur-minded people to join our core team
  2. Assistant
    Assistant to help us with day-to-day operations
  3. Digital media and marketing junior
    Marketing student/junior with digital media skills (trainee-like position)
  4. Dance teacher
    Skilled, experienced, and passionate dance teachers

We are looking for people that’d fill any of these open positions in any combination.

Core team member

Join our core team to shape and build the future of our dance school.

Have you dreamt of running a dance school? Or ever wondered what it is like to do a B2C business? Or maybe you have a wide variety of skills that you’d like to put to use?

We are looking for entrepreneur-minded people that can handle multiple different types of tasks from customer support to video editing and digital marketing to studio renovation. You should have more patience with repetitive and mandatory tasks than we, comfortably take and especially give feedback, and work and learn by yourself well.

That being said, numbers and success are not driving factors for us. We value trying out new ideas, being brave and expressive, and remembering to have a heartful time while doing so.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Good written and spoken English (Finnish is a plus but not mandatory)
  • Patience and consistency
  • Willing to take responsibility, proactive, and able to work with minimal supervision
  • Great self-learning capabilities
  • Customer support and warm touch in human relations
  • Decent multimedia skills (photo-/videography and -editing, graphics design, audio tools, live production)
  • Digital marketing and social media knowledge are a big plus
  • Web development and technological knowledge are a plus
  • Experience working on / running a small business is a plus

Work tasks include:

  • Course schedule and event planning
  • Customer support (via email, telephone, and on-site)
  • Dance studio maintenance
  • Content creation on the website and social media
  • Marketing and related tasks
  • Teaching (if you are a dance teacher)

We offer you:

  • A small team where your input greatly influences the whole company
  • A share of the company and the possibility to influence your own salary
  • All our dance classes and events are available to you free of charge
  • Flexible work hours and remote work possibility
  • Normal paid holidays plus very flexible extra holidays and time-offs

Our main goal is to find a person who could join our core team with a share of our company (co-op member). This way, we believe, the candidate would get enough responsibility and equality that motivates them to work in the company as it is their own. In this case, the salary would also be tied to the revenue generated.

However, not all of us are willing to work entrepreneur-like. We can also consider hiring a person as a normal employee. In this case, the salary would be based on working hours (min. 24h per week).

Interested? Don’t hesitate to book an interview with us!

Karri Rasinmäki / Co-Founder
+358 84 154 1724

Other positions

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Interested? Call or send us a message and let’s discuss more!

+358 84 154 1724



We are looking for an assistant to help us with day-to-day operations, such as dance studio maintenance, customer support, and social media / website updates.

For this position, we are mainly looking for a part-time employee with no fixed hours.

Depending on your skill set, work tasks would include:

  • Social media and website maintenance
  • Dance studio maintenance
  • Customer support (via email, telephone, and on-site)
  • Marketing and related tasks
  • Event organizing
  • Running errands
  • Photo- and videography
  • Graphics, and photo- and video editing

Interested? Don’t hesitate to send us an email to tell us a little bit about what tasks you’d like to do.

Digital media and marketing junior

Digital media and marketing junior

We are looking for a marketing student/junior with digital media skills who could take care of our digital and social media marketing.

Your responsibility would be to develop marketing funnels (email, social media), run long and short-term ad campaigns, and maintain a consistent organic social media presence. You’d have free hands to try out different things, approaches, and what works and what not - within a certain budget and branding frames. You should be able to create (or outsource) all the content needed for the tasks.

As it is a junior (or almost a trainee) position, we do not expect much of the results but a willingness to try out different approaches and learn from mistakes. We offer you the possibility to practice your skills in the real-life world.

Interested? Call or send us a message to discuss more!

Dance teacher

Dance teacher

We are always looking for new dance teachers to join our crew!

We are especially looking for teachers who could teach multiple hours and possibly on multiple days. You may either be really deeply focused on one dance style or have great knowledge of multiple styles. A big plus is if your presence/charisma will draw in new people into classes and you’d do active work promoting our courses and events. We can offer you weekly classes (any day mon-sun) and/or workshops to teach.

Also, all our regular dance teachers can attend any of our classes, and most of our events, free of charge!

We value skills and experience but also equally much passion, compassion, and good vibes. Unique personalities and styles are much appreciated too!

Interested? Send us an email with your dance and teaching history/background and we can start the conversation from there.