Dance passes now available
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Freedom of dancing

Get the total freedom of dancing with the newly launched dance passes!

With the Dance Pass you can attend all our weekly classes and activities. All the classes are included, so take as many courses and classes as you like!

One pass, all the classes.

We simply love dancing and you probably too. Dance Pass allows us to offer you unlimited classes and activities so you can spend more time on what you love - dancing!

Dance passes

This is simply the best package we offer! With single payment you get to take all our classes and literally live and breathe the dance.

Also, the more you commit to dance, the more we want to commit to you. How does one-to-one coaching in the beginning of each season sounds like?

If you want to do more than one course/class per week, then we absolutely recommend the Dance Pass!

  • Year-around
  • 110€ / month
  • Dance the whole year with one single payment. Comes with benefits. Billed annually.
  • Attend all our weekly classes and activities
  • Dance as much as you like
  • PLUS: Complimentary coaching session at the beginning of each season (3x per year)
  • PLUS: Free 10x card for BPS studio bookings
  • PLUS: Free BPS t-shirt
  • Buy one full year with perks
    We recommend
  • Season
  • 150€ / month
  • The whole season full of dancing with one single payment. Billed once and valid until the end of the season.
  • Attend all our weekly classes and activities
  • Dance as much as you like
  • PLUS: Complimentary coaching session at the beginning of the season
  • PLUS: Free 5x card for BPS studio bookings
  • Buy season winter-spring 2023
  • Monthly
  • 170€ / month
  • Unlimited dancing with monthly subscription, cancel anytime. Billed monthly.
  • Attend all our weekly classes and activities
  • Dance as much as you like
  • Flexible option if you are visiting the town etc.
  • Subsribe to monthly pass

With any of the dance passes you get included:

  • All the weekly classes and activities
  • All the weekly social practices
  • All the weekly guided practices

All this plus with the year-around plan:

  • Total of 3x coaching sessions, one per season
  • 10x bookings to one of our studio rooms
  • BPS t-shirt with the latest new design
  • Christmas gift at the end of the year (starting 2023)

How to get dancing with the Dance Pass

  1. Buy a Dance Pass
    Buy your Dance Pass here
    If you choose year-around or monthly pass you can start dancing right away! The pass is valid right after the purchase.
    With season pass, pass is only valid for the season you bought it for.

  2. Secure your place in the course
    We recommend you register for the courses you intend to take regularly. Priority is given for all the Dance Pass holders during first 2 weeks of the registration.
    Of course you can also just drop-in to any of the class.
    Note: If you attend a partnered dance class without a partner, you must book a place in advance! That is unless you can do both roles. This is so that we can maintain the role balance.

  3. Arrive to class and show your pass to the teacher
    Please show your pass to teacher of the class upon arrival.
    (We’ll create the digital passes by the next season. Before that, please show your purchase receipt.)

BONUS: If your purchase included complimentary coaching session(s), book those for each season separately by sending us an email at


  • What’s included?
    All the weekly classes and activities. All of them!
    Plus extra perks (like complimentary 1-on-1 coaching sessions) for full season or annual subscription.

  • What subscription plans are available?
    You can subscribe to / buy BPS Dance pass by monthly, per season, or yearly plan.
    See the pricing here
    Monthly plan gives flexibility, season and yearly plans come with a discount plus extra perks.

  • Can I pay for my dance pass with vouchers?
    The pass can also be purchased with Smartum, Edenred, ePassi and EazyBreak vouchers and balances. In this case, please contact us and we’ll create an invoice for you!
    You can also split the payment, e.g. half with vouchers, half with another payment method.

  • Is this pass personal?
    Dance Pass is personal and cannot be shared. However, the complimentary BPS t-shirt of the Year-around pass you can give to someone else :)
    Also, if you wish to gift someone with Dance Pass, please contact us

  • Do I have to register for the courses separately?
    For partnered classes, in short, yes. And that is to maintain comfortable role balance on all classes.
    However, if you come with a partner or can do both roles, no prior registration is needed.
    For solo classes, no prior registration is needed neither.
    Dance Pass holders have priority for all courses during first 2 weeks of registration.
    If you plan to take a certain course regurlarly, we recommend course registration so we can better plan the course. Unlimited registrations are included in the Dance pass.
    On top of your regular classes, you can drop-in to any class you wish.
    Check out class schedule for 2023 here…

  • I’m not sure if I’ll buy a Dance pass, should I register already?
    Yes, please register for all classes you plan to take as soon as possible!
    Later, if you decide to buy the Dance pass, the course invoices will be credited back (if you buy the Dance pass before the season starts).

Available now

Dance Passes are now available!

Buy your Dance Pass here

Please read our terms and conditions before the purchase: