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Our services

  • Dance pass 110-170€ / month

    All the classes with one pass, single payment. Read more...

  • Course registration 110-310€

    Secure your spot on the course and commit to steady, progressive learning. Registration options usually very between 8 and 18 weeks of classes. Additional courses come with a -25% discount. Students and unemployed -20%.

  • 10-class punch card 152-200€

    10x access to all our regular classes. Can be shared with multiple people. Read more...

  • Try-out / drop-in class 22€

    Single classes are good if you are just visiting the city or want to try out certain courses before registration.

  • Coaching & private classes 65-75€

    One-to-one practice sessions with your teacher. Think this as a "Dance Personal Trainer". Read more...

  • Studio rental from 10€/h

    Rent our dance studio to your own practice sessions, birthday party, or yoga lessons. Read more...

More detailed pricing with examples are found below.

Private classes

For intensive training and more personal instruction.

No time for weekly classes or you feel you need more personal instruction? You can take private classes with one or two instructors at a time. Private classes can have many purposes: you might want to catch up on class material, finetune your dancing and correct habits, learn special skills or movements of your choice etc. In a private class you get plenty of feedback and homework.

Private classes can be demanding, which is why we can do them for 30min, 45min, or 60min. You can either choose to do the classes with one or two teachers.

All private classes include the studio rental!

For 1-8 people with one/two teacher(s)
95€/175€ for a single session (1 hour) buy here
320€/580€ for 4 sessions (1 hour / session) buy here

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Prices include 24% VAT and studio rental.

We accept payments with card, MobilePay, cash or employee benefit vouchers. Read more about payments here.

Courses and weekly classes

For a comprehensive learning experience.

Courses and weekly classes are our default learning environment. By attending weekly classes you keep your progress steady and get a little bit better all the time. You get support from peers and teachers and can influence course content. We encourage all students to get more dance time e.g. by attending social dance events or weekend workshops.

Do you want an extra boost?
Consider taking a private class with us.

Weekly classes, with course payment
310€ for 17 weeks
18.24€ per class with one course
15.96€ per class with two courses
15.2€ per class with three courses

Discounts, only one applied
-20% for students and unemployed
-25% for every additional course during the same term
Read detailed discount terms here.

Weekly classes, with drop-in and dance passes
22€ for single drop-in class

10-class punch card 200€ (20.0€ per class)
Read more about punch cards here…

Dance Pass starting from 110€/month
Includes all the weekly classes and activities
13€ per class with two courses
9€ per class with three courses
Read more about dance passes here…

Workshop prices and discounts are defined per workshop.

Pricing examples, weekly courses
310€ - 1 course, 17 weeks
542.5€ - 2 courses, 17 weeks

248.0€ - 1 course, 17 weeks (student)
480.5€ - 2 courses, 2 x 17 weeks (student)

Prices include 10% VAT.

We accept payments with card, MobilePay, cash or employee benefit vouchers. Read more about payments here.

Teaching services

For dance schools, associations, and festivals.

Helsinki metropolitan area with one/two teacher(s)
95€/175€ per hour + travel expenses outside AB-zone + VAT

Rest of Finland with one/two teacher(s)
95€/175€ per hour + travel, food and accommodation expenses + VAT

Rest of the world with one/two teacher(s)
Starting at 570€/1050€ for a weekend with 6 hours of teaching.

At festivals or workshop weekends the price includes a social dance demonstration. We add VAT (unless reversed) as well as travel, food and accommodation expenses (unless provided by the organizer) to the final price.

Ask for an offer!

Corporate events

For a team day, recreational day, summer/Christmas party, kick off, customer event…

A fun and engaging Lindy Hop or authentic swing dance experience. Dancing is one of the best ways to really get to know people - including your colleagues and team mates.

Teaching session with two teachers
Starting at 240€ + travel expenses + VAT

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Studio rental

For a practice session, birthday party, social gatherings, running your own lessons…

Prices start from:
10€/h for students of BPS
25€/h for non-commercial use
35€/h for commercial use

See detailed pricing and more info about studio rental here…

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