Karri Rasinmäki

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Karri is a locally grown swing dancer from Helsinki, Finland. He entered into the world of dance through Boogie Woogie. Shortly after, other swing dances came along from which Lindy Hop and Blues / Slow Swing made the biggest impact so far. The passion for swing dancing and teaching has led Karri to became a founding member of dance school Black Pepper Swing with Tanja Wingerter.

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Currently, Karri is passionate about exploring one’s natural movement and adapting it to dance and partnership. He has told the dance has given him the ability to explore an abstract world and connect with the people in a unique way. Sometimes you may see him deeply fallen in a dance, fully immersed in the present moment with his partner.

Still, after all the years, Rhythm and Blues music makes him go the wildest and spend hours straight on a dance floor. You may see him teaching especially Lindy Hop and Slow Swing, as well as private classes of all sorts. On a social floor, he likes to mix in all swing dances.

His classes are engaging and inspiring, with a focus on maximum dance and practise time. Karri sure can challenge technically as well as give freedom for individual expression.

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