Studio rental

BPS Studios at Karjalankatu 2.
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Save your neighbours’ nerves and come monkey around at our studio!

We have moved to the new location - Karjalankatu 2!

We have two separate ~100m² dance/practice studios, plus a kitchen and a hang-out space. Both studios are now open for practice!

Whether you are looking for a place to practice tapping, dancing, popping, locking, playing, singing, trumpeting, handstanding, or anything else, our studios give you the space and acoustics to do it.

We have two studio rooms with a bit different equipment from each other. A beautiful landscape over Helsinki opens up from both of the studios.

Both studios have a good old sprung wooden floor which is kind to your joints. The front room has a brand new floor and hence we ask all the tappers to use the back room for their practices. Otherwise you can dance in any kind of shoes - hard-soled shoes, high heels, and indoor rubber shoes - just make sure their soles are clean.

The front room is our social dance floor with a brand new dance parquet. There is a great PA system with active speakers as well as cozy sofa area waiting for you. This studio will have a nice living room vibe in it once we have hung some curtains, a few mirrors, and random stuff on a wall - as well as maxing out the coziness factor. The front room is also a pathway into the other parts of the studio, so some traffic may occur here.

The back room is more like a traditional dance room with a nice wide mirror wall and great PA system. Once we have fixed the acoustics to the top we can call it ready-ready. Here we have two sides full of windows which fill up the room with light. But if you choose so, you can close yourself in the darkness with the curtains. Curtains are high-quality Molton fabric so they’ll absorb both light and sounds. The back room offers a bit more privacy too since there will be no one trespassing.

Table of contents:


Students of Black Pepper Swing

1-3 people
10€ per session (up to 1.5 hours)
+ 5€ for every extra 30 min

4-10 people
20€ per session (up to 1.5 hours)
+ 10€ for every extra 30 min

More than 10 people
25€ per hour

Prices are for one studio room and include value added taxes.

Single, non-commercial reservations

One studio room, 25€ per hour

Prices include value added taxes and are for non-commercial use only. If you want an invoice for organisation, look out the commercial pricing below.

Throwing a party? You can rent the whole space just for you and your friends!
Contact us for individual offers.
+358 84 154 1724

Looking for a place to run classes, workshops, video/photo shootings, etc.?

Pricing for any commercial use:
One studio room, 35€ per hour + VAT 24%

Recurrent or full weekend reservations? Do you want to rent the whole space just for you?
Contact us for individual offers.
+358 84 154 1724


You can see the studio calendar below. Send us a message to reserve your time slot(s). You can pay with MobilePay, benefit vouchers, cash, or wire transfer.

We have two studios available and you can see both their color-coded reservations on the calendar below.
■ Front room
■ Back room

Call or send us a message to make a booking!
+358 84 154 1724

■ Front room
■ Back room


There are 3 free parking slots in the yard of the building (2h with the parking disc). The rest of the slots are reserved for tenants. More parking slots can be found by the street.

The entrance is thru the main entrance from Karjalankatu. There should be Black Pepper Swing signs at the door. Look out for a glass door that says “Pääsisäänkäynti” or “A-, B-, C- portaat”.

We’ll give you the access details to the studio upon booking.


Front room

  • Dance parquet, a brand new wooden sprung dance floor (unfortunately no tap shoes here)
  • PA system with mixer and active speakers
  • Sofa group
  • Fans

Back room

  • Dance floor, wooden sprung floor (even tap shoes are ok!)
  • PA system with mixer and passive speakers
  • Mirror wall
  • Fans


  • Mocca Master
  • French press
  • Water kettle
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Knifes and cutting board
  • Utensils
  • Glasses and mugs
  • A few plates

Common equipment available on request

  • Bluetooth speaker (JBL Extreme)
  • Video projector
  • Upright piano
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Microphone
  • Seminar chairs (x14)

General info


Please leave the space in the same or better condition than it was before you.

General maintenance cleaning is done by us and is included in the rent (unless otherwise stated). So, we’ll take care of mopping the floors, taking out trash and bottles, cleaning the toilet, etc.

Your task is to put things back in their places, clean up your trashes and spills, and to shut down PA-systems as well as close and lock the windows and doors before you leave.

Windows and doors

You can open windows to increase the ventilation. Just remember to close and lock down all the windows and doors before you leave.


The studio is around 260m² with two dance rooms both around 100². Other rooms are kitchen, toilet, dressing/hang-out room, storage/office, storage/electicity room, and cloakroom. The height of the rooms are around 2.7 meters with some columns, bars, and pipes occuping some of the space. Extra toilets and showers are located near the elevators on levels 4 and 3 and shared with our neighbours.