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Tap dancing was more or less a must for any dancer during the era of American show business of the golden age of pre-jazz and jazz. A percussive dance based on rhythm, timing and balance, where the executor is also a front line musician. Tap dancing became famous through tons of Hollywood movies with dancers Betty Grable, Ruby Keeler, Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Bill Robinson and it is still often brought back to the silver screen in modern movies like La La Land.

Tap Dancing

Welcome to join Tap Dance classes at Black Pepper Swing!

We offer tap classes in 3 different levels. And you can join our courses even during the season.

We have to main seasons, Winter-Spring and Autumn. Seasons start in January and August/September. You can join our courses even mid-season! You’ll only pay for the remaining of the classes.

At BPS we mostly do the tap to swing/jazz music. So if you are into that, our courses suit you better than well! We take inspiration from old school legends while keeping the dance and vibes new and fresh.

Our Tap teacher Essi will deepen your knowledge and challenge your skills. And if you’ve never danced before, she will guide you every step on the way.

Welcome to join Tap classes at Black Pepper Swing!

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Welcome, and dance with you soon!