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Teachers: Riikka Väänäkoski & Mikko Väänäkoski, Elisa Schäfer & Pasi Ojala
Duration: 2 months
Start date:
End date:
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 17.30 - 18.30
Price: 96 € (8 classes)
Address: Jazz Factory, Sörnäisten rantatie 33, 00500 Helsinki


-10% if student or unemployed -25% for every additional parallel BPS course (no other discounts)




During this course, you will deepen your knowledge about Lindy Hop and couples Charleston. You will learn leader-follower dynamics, develop your steps and rhythmical variations, and also work on your dancing posture and technique. While doing this, you will also learn some cool new moves for the social dance floors! Exercises will be done individually and with a couple.

For this course, you should already have solid grasp on both Lindy Hop and couples Charleston basics.

We rotate partners during the lessons. Participants choose to specialize mainly at one role (leading or following).


This course is aimed at dancers with 0,5-2 years of dance experience. You are comfortable social dancing at medium and faster tempos. You are familiar with grooves, kicks, triples and you handle a stable set of patterns in closed and open position. You are comfortable social dancing at medium and faster tempos.


You can sign up alone or with a partner. Participants are accepted in order of registration. After registration through the link you will receive a confirmation within a couple of days.

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