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Lindy Hop Improvers+ - Intermediate | Tampere

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Lindy Hop | Improvers+ - Intermediate | Tampere
Lindy Hop Improvers+ - Intermediate

Teachers: Meri Korpela & Adrian Ehrlich
Duration: 2 months
Start date:
End date:
Day: Mondays
Time: 19.00 - 20.00
Price: 96 €
Address: Kumppanuustalo Artteli, Salhojankatu 42, 33500 Tampere, Finland


-10% if student or unemployed -25% for every additional parallel BPS course (no other discounts)



Note: Last class (Dec 10) is double class from 18.00 to 20.00 with special theme.


This course will build on your basis and give new challenges for the more experienced dancers in the course. This course will have a strong emphasis on rhythms and solo jazz steps as part of your lindy hop vocabulary.

We rotate partners during lesson.


This course is aimed at dancers with 0,5-2 years of dance experience. You are comfortable social dancing at medium and faster tempos. You are familiar with grooves, kicks, triples and you handle a stable set of patterns in closed and open position. You are comfortable social dancing at medium and faster tempos.


You can sign up alone or with a partner. Participants are accepted in order of registration. After registration through the link you will receive a confirmation within a couple of days.

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