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Jazz Roots with Laura Halttunen

Jazz Roots with Laura Halttunen

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The one and only Laura Halttunen will come to Tampere November 18th to turn your dancing into authentic jazz.

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Solo Jazz |  | Workshop
Beginners / Intermediate

Teachers: Laura Halttunen
Day: Saturday
Time: 15.30 - 18.45
Price: 40 € (students/unemployed 30 €)
Address: Tanssistudio Razzmatazz, Satakunnankatu 18, 33210 Tampere



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Beginners to Intermediate
No matter if you are new to authentic jazz or have already learned some routines, this workshop has layers which everyone can benefit from.
Duration: 3h
Price: 40e (students 30e)

The one and only Laura Halttunen will come to Tampere to turn your dancing into authentic jazz. The workshop will focus on several points:

Focus on movement vocabulary

You will learn typical vocabulary (moves) and build up a choreography.

Focus on technique

You will learn about body movement in authentic jazz and how to transition between patterns in order to improvise and vary your dancing easily.

Focus on styling

Get inspired and learn how to vary moves and make them your own. Tools for making variations and improvising.

About Jazz roots

Jazz roots or vernacular jazz refers to the origines of jazz dancing going back to the time of african slavery in America, especially in the region of New Orleans. It includes also e.g. charleston or solo blues It is an individual, dynamic and energetic dance with group spirit. It is a perfect tool for Lindy hoppers and other dancers to learn to improvise, improve your rhythm and the quality of movement.

It can look for instance like this:

About Laura

Laura Halttunen is the main teacher at and the manager/owner of Jazz Factory in Helsinki Laura specializes in Authentic jazz & Charleston, Blues and Lindy hop, trains students, performers and teachers alike. she choreographs dance numbers, directs and costumes shows and performs on stage. Her teaching is clear, inspiring and student-focused.

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