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Tampere Bal 'n' Shag

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Bal'n'Shag |  | Tampere

Teachers: Sanna Leinonen & Adam LaMontagne, Ulla Ritamäki & Klaus-Mikael Honko
Duration: 2 months
Start date:
End date:
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 20.00 - 21.00
Price: 96 € (8 classes)
Address: Kumppanuustalo Artteli, Salhojankatu 42, 4th floor, Tampere


-10% if student or unemployed -25% for every additional parallel BPS course (no other discounts)



Balboa: Sanna Leinonen & Adam LaMontagne
Collegiate Shag: Ulla Ritamäki & Klaus-Mikael Honko


No lesson on 18.10.

In this course will learn to dance to upper tempo swing music by using Balboa or Shag. You will learn the fundamentals of the elegant Balboa and energetic Collegiate shag. The course is divided into 4 weeks of Balboa and 4 weeks of Shag.

This course does not require previous dance experience.

You can sign up alone or with a partner. Single registrations are accepted in order of registration.

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