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Why dance Lindy Hop?

Aloita lindy hop -matkasi täältä!

What is Lindy hop…

Lindy hop is often referred to as swing dancing. That’s pretty logical because we Lindy hoppers lindy hop on swing music. Swing music was the prevailing popular music style in 1920-40’s America. Young folks of those days would go out and swing out all night long in crowded ballrooms. They called their dance “the Lindy”. And “the Lindy” was already a game changer back then: It brought black and white Americans alike to the same dance floors. Up to this day Lindy hop keeps changing people’s lives.

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…and why you should do it, too

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1. It is the second best way to meet people (beside sauna)

Lindy hop is a social dance. The basic idea of this dance is to meet people, dance with them, meet more people, dance more, and so on. And many times, you can even find friends for a lifetime.

Birthday jam at Sunday Swing

If heaven has swing, it must be like Balderin Sali yesterday. We owe a big hand to the spectacular band Mrs Griffin & the Soldiers of Jazz Cosmos, our wonderful helpers and DJs and, of course, all you dancers! You filled the space with electrifying energy, joy and creativity. More of this <3 And if you want to expand your dance skills to enjoy social dancing even more, you can still sign up for new courses starting already this week (Helsinki and Tampere): https://blackpepperswing.com/ The band will be playing again at In the Mood -tanssiaiset Valkoisessa salissa 14.4.. See you there and in the courses!

Posted by Black Pepper Swing on Monday, 19 March 2018

2. It fills your empty evenings

We all have had those empty evenings when we just scroll the whole night through cat clips and wonder what went wrong in our life. Well, actually, Lindy hop might help you to have less of those evenings. Just fill in with a couple of Lindy classes and socials per week and you might soon find your calendar flooded with all kind of dance or dance-people-related activities.

Posted by Tuesday Night Hop on Wednesday, 24 April 2019

3. It makes travelling the world easier

Lindy hoppers are a closely-knit community. Once you start getting the hang of the bouncing, tripling and kicking you will realize, that Lindy hop events and classes take place literally all over the globe. Suddenly you will have a very easy time meeting locals wherever, once you find their Lindy venue. And in fact, you will no longer need to rely on knowing a language to communicate. Just ask them for a dance!

4. It keeps up with modern values

Lindy hop developed in an era when gender and race inequalities were immense social problems. The dance broke down many of these barriers and continues to do so. In the dance scene, you will meet people from many different backgrounds and layers of life. The leader and follower role can change during a dance and it is not defined by gender.

The one flying through the air, is following

The one in black shoes is leading

5. It is pretty good physical exercise

There is a reason, why many lindy hoppers bring a couple of extra shirts to their classes and parties. Lindy hop can be physically very demanding and it is 100% normal to sweat during this dance. It includes diverse forms of exercise: you can go all the way from jumping, kicking and running motion to slow and grounded movement. Even when dancing slowly, your core muscles will be at work at all time, so don’t be surprised by aching muscles the next day.

6. It is screen-free

We live in a digitalized world. Work, school and a big part of our social life happen across screens. We guarantee you: Lindy hop classes and social dances are one of the few remaining screen-free oases in dear, technologically advanced Finland. Instead of reading this article you should actually already be out there learning your first swing outs.

Because let’s be honest? Which version of yourself do you prefer?

By Marc Smith (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
By Michał Kawka (Roman Kurowski) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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