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Lindy Hop Intermediate | Helsinki

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Lindy Hop | Intermediate | Helsinki
Lindy Hop Intermediate

Opettajat: Riikka Väänäkoski & Mikko Väänäkoski
Duration: 3 months
Start date:
End date:
Day: Mondays
Aika: 17.30 - 19.00
Hinta: 144 € (12 classes)
Address: Käpylän peruskoulu, Mäkelänkatu 93, 00610 Helsinki
Facebook-tapahtuma: https://www.facebook.com/events/1935396383378685/


-10% opiskelijoille ja työttömille -25% kaikista samaan aikaan käydyistä muista BPS kursseista (ei muita alennuksia)



Have you been dancing Lindy Hop for at least a year? Are you familiar with grooves, kicks and triples? Do you know the swingout and the back charleston? Do you like challenges and working hard on your basics, also in solo dancing? If so, this Lindy Hop Intermediate course is for you!

We will start by revising the basic Charleston moves (crosskicks, back charleston…) and learn the Charleston swingout. For the rest of the course we will work on triple steps and triple step moves.

During this 12-weeek program we will:

  • work on basic solo movements, eg. the bounce, triple steps, twisting…
  • practice different kinds of swingouts
  • work on different variations and turns using triple steps
  • work on how to connect better with our partners
  • practice taking an active role in our dancing as followers and learning to listen to the follower as leaders
  • work with different kinds of tempos and styles of music
  • practice interpreting the music on different levels
  • do a small choreography based on what we’ve learned

Participants can have a saying on the content. After each class we will have half an hour for you to practice and for the teachers to give personal feedback.

You can sign up with or without a partner, but you do need to specify your role(s) (leader/follower). You can change your role later, if it doesn’t mess up the balance. We will rotate partners during class. It is not obligatory, but highly recommended.

The course will be taught in Finnish and/or English, depending on the preferences of the students.

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